Saturday, January 14, 2017

Resident Evil 7 News - New Footage Deleted From Hamburg Germany RE7 Celebration

The Spoiler game is strong with Resident Evil 7 and your old friend WheresBarry is here to help you out. Two new spoiler sources were revealed today including a leaked and deleted 15 second clip of spoiler heavy gameplay from a German media event as well as a soundtrack track listing that gives away way too much info. Lets take a NON SPOILER look at what came out to help you avoid the spoilers but still get the good stuff.

Edited For Spoilers - Screenshot Of The Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Event

The first spoiler comes from a YouTube channel called Bruugar from Germany, who was invited to an exclusive Resident Evil 7 event in Hamburg Germany where people were able to play the real game of RE7. The site did a selfie Vlog of the event and at one point the cameraman points at the TV screen where people are playing a very spoiler heavy part of the game for about 15 seconds.

Within an hour of the video getting some run, it was shut down, presumably by Capcom, and can no longer be viewed. I also haven't seen it resurface as of yet, but a few screenshots are still floating around out there. Keep in mind these are big spoilers, and while none of it is "shocking" it still gives away several different things.

From MisterBubblesTime Recap Of The Event

By the way, that brief clip took away from the rest of the video which showcased the Hamburg event, called the Resident Evil 7 Celebration (January 12th-13th), which looked like an awesome time. Check out this video from MisterBubblesTime (German Language), a small German YouTube channel, showcasing the event. Good work!


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