Thursday, June 30, 2016

Why Has The Clock Stopped: A Time Theory In Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Demo

One of the biggest mysteries so far in the Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Demo is the broken clock found on the wall in both real time and VHS time. The broken, yet ticking, clock is stopped at 10:38pm. After some in-game research and with some educated guesses, we've totally uncovered the meaning behind this mysterious time on the clock.

The clock is stopped at 10:38 because that is the time that Andre has died and the "horror" has begun. As the video shows, we believe this to be true based on the "hidden" timecode in the last 2 frames of the VHS play.

This 16:45 (16 minutes) is a way more realistic runtime for what we are watching/playing, way more believable than 1:43:15 (an hour and 43 minutes). If you play straight through with little to no delay, the whole seen can be complete in under 6 minutes. If you add some time for exploring then 16 minutes isn't a stretch at all. After all its a rehersal, not a full length motion picture.

So if we are saying the tape is only 16 minutes long and ends at 10:39, this does not match the broken clock that says by a minute (No it isn't 10:37, we know this because we graphed it out). Well that is because we don't watch Andre die, we FIND him "eating" the pipe. He's already been dead for a minute!

The only thing I would wonder is if the clock stopped when he died, or if the clock was already stopped and foreshadowing the horror to come at 10:38. You can't find this out because, spoiler alert, YOU CANT FOLLOW ANDRE!  And so the first second you see the time on the clock, Andre is already missing, possibly already dead.

If you add the 2nd tape, the Kitchen Video that starts at 11:40pm, you will see this fits right into this timeline. After finding Andre and getting captured, your boy Pete is at the top of the ladder with a chance to escape. We find out when we come to and hour later that he did not make it out. If the 1:45 timecode was real, it would put the game at 12:06, AFTER everyone is dead (assuming both video camera dates & times are correct).

So what does the 1:45 timecode mean? Does something also happen at 12:06, or is there another meaning. And why is Clancy's watch, yes he has a watch (you can see when you climb down the ladder, stopped at 12:55. Are either one of these not actually a time, but another code? We haven't found out yet.

But we did pretty confidently explain why the clock is stopped at 10:38. RIP Andre.

We'd love to hear if you agree or disagree so comment on the blog and on the video itself! Give us your theories or explanations and we'll add you in the annotations if you convince us you are right!  Don't forget to subscribe and like too!

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