Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Dummy Finger From Resident Evil 7 Demo For Noobs! All The Info.

The most annoying and mind boggling item in the Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Demo is an item labeled "dummy finger". This now infamous item, found in the simplest hiding place, has sucked out hundreds of hours from gamers around the world trying to figure out its meaning.

In this video, we take a look at some of the theories about the item and try to figure out what its purpose is, if there is one at all.

WATCH: What Does It Mean - The Infamous Dummy Finger

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The reason this post has become so popular is because this item is famously mysterious. It has been trending throughout the video game world ever since the demo was released. Everybody has tried to use and examine the dummy finger in every single square inch of the game...and NOTHING has been found. That hasn't stopped people from commenting and emailing WheresBarry, asking, "Have you tried to stick the finger [insert somewhere in the game, meaning somewhere someone has tried]". YES!!!!

Then there are the comedians out there who fire "did you try to stick it in the mannequin's butt." You guys are regular Jay Lenos.

The most common theory is that the finger, made of celluloid as noted in the game, needs to be melted to reveal the entirety of the key hidden inside. The fact that it is a key is also up for debate, but after some zooming in and photoshop examining, it really looks like a small key to me. Perhaps for a jewelry box?

The fact that the key is labeled the "DUMMY" key should throw up a red flag right away. Yes, there are dummies (mannequins) in the game, but dummy could also mean it is a counterfeit by definition.  Dummy items in video game betas and demos are typically just there for testing purposes and there was even a dummy key in a previous Resident Evil game (Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Trial Version) that had no use in the game.

The other thing that could be happening, is that Capcom could be releasing a future update for the game where the item would have a use. [MORE ON THIS] In the demo there are some blocked doors that people have glitched, showing that they are built out with some detail. The trailer for the demo also shows scenes that are not in the current version, and rooms that are not accessible in the demo at this point in time. This has apparently been denied by those working on the game.

No matter what the future use or non use of the dummy finger, Capcom seriously lucked into some free marketing by including this item. It has become something that will seemingly become a part of the lore of the franchise going forward. And if it really does do nothing...F YOU CAPCOM!!!!

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